1. As a Direct Seller of the Company, it is implied that the ‘second party’, mentioned herein above, has read and understood the terms and conditions of Direct Seller as on date of signing the agreement and thereby opting to become a self-employed and independent Direct Seller to sell the company’s products further by using its sales and direct marketing system. Direct Seller is neither an employee nor in partnership with the ‘First Party’ in the sale transaction as is created between the parties to this agreement. Therefore, it is to be noted that the ‘second party’, as a Direct Seller of the company, have no authority to bind the company in any further contract/ direct sale with other parties. All sales so made to the ‘second party’ are direct to him only.

2. The Direct Seller henceforth shall be liable to comply with all the Central, State, local laws, taxes, licenses etc. as applicable from time to time or as imposed by the government to the sales and direct marketing business. The ‘second party’ shall be obliged to brief the product details to the further purchasers as per the company’s specifications and product ingredients in truthful and honest manner and make only those claims as per labels of products and cannot sell the products for a price exceeding the maximum retail price.

3. As an independent Direct Seller, the ‘second party’ can purchase the products at the Direct Seller Price from the company with full and final payment without any contingencies or need to demand for it. Subsequently, the Direct Seller, referred to as ‘Second Party’ herein above will get Commission/Bonus/Royalty on business value of current month. Further, the Company will retain the power to change/ alter/ cease the existing Commission/Bonus/Royalty system or its Terms and Conditions at any time and in any way without any prior notice.

4. The Direct Seller shall remain an independent person with sole authority to market the products as per the Terms and Conditions mentioned herein. However, in case the ‘second party’ Direct Seller further appoints any sub-commission agents to sell the products and intends to make payments to such sub-commission agents, then such payment shall be sole responsibility of the concerned Direct Seller in individual capacity with his own personal risk and cost, without any obligation towards the ‘first party’.

5. This Agreement can be termed as “Appointment Letter” to the ‘second party’ as a Direct Seller of the Company and thereby re-enforces the acceptance of the ‘second party’ of the Terms and Conditions set forth till date including any amendment whatsoever, brought in by the company or may be brought in future, without assigning any reason or notice. However, it is to be noted that the reasonable interest of the ‘second party’ Direct Seller in the sale of product shall be taken care of by the company.

6. As a Direct Seller, the ‘second party’ shall not assign or create any third party interest in the Direct Selling process without the consent of the company. Further, the concerned Direct Seller should keep in mind not to receive any payment whether in online/offline mode in personal capacity as the entire payment is supposed to be made directly to the ‘first party’. It is to be noted that any payment made to upline Direct Sellers or any third party in this regard shall not be acknowledged by the company.

7. It is hereby agreed upon by both the parties that this agreement may be terminated by either of the parties by giving a 30 Days prior Notice in writing mentioning the grounds of breach of terms and trust of this agreement without entering into further legal proceedings.

8. The Company may terminate this agreement with the Direct Seller without any prior notice as and when it is found that there is any discrepancy in the information so provided by the Direct Seller as sought by the company including incomplete/ inaccurate/ false/ misleading information. Further, the agreement can also be terminated if the second party is found to be involved in any unethical work including promotion of/ involvement with any other Direct Selling Company/ Sales Marketing which the First Party considers as liable to harm the company or its reputation.

9. It is to be noted that the payments made by the ‘second party’ Direct Seller, whether first or subsequent, can be made through both online/ offline modes. However, the payment so made must be and will deemed to be free from any third party claim or encumbrances.

10. This Agreement and Undertaking including the Direct Seller Application Form should be fully complete in all respect that is acceptable to the company. In case the ‘second party’ Direct Seller is a company/ sole proprietorship/ partnership firm/ any other organization registered under a current law in force or any previous law, then the Direct Seller is required to provide the incorporation/ registration details along with copy of PAN card Application Form, to the satisfaction of the ‘first party’ company.

11. All disputes shall be subject to Ghaziabad jurisdiction exclusively.

12. M/s Navyayu Wellness Pvt. Ltd. Wishes best of luck and bright future to the Direct Seller for achieving success in both marketing and self earning.


1. As a basic guideline, in my activities as a Direct Seller of M/s Navyayu Wellness Private Limited, I will endeavor to always treat others, as if I am treating myself with respect.

2. I will respect and follow this Code of Ethics and the Rules of Conduct observing not only “by letter” but also “by spirit” thereof.

3. I will be courteous and prompt in the handling of any and all claims for exchange and return and follow the procedures prescribed by M/s Navyayu Wellness Private Limited from time to time as and when notified.

4. I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity, frankness and responsibility because I acknowledge the fact that my conduct as a Direct Seller of M/s Navyayu Wellness Private Limited has far reaching effects.

5. I will accept and carryout the responsibilities bestowed upon me as a Direct Seller of M/s Navyayu Wellness Private Limited with honesty.

6. In my Navyayu Wellness product sales activities and for the purposes of protecting the Navyayu Wellness Sales and Marketing system, I will use only Navyayu Wellness produced or Navyayu Wellness authorized publications.

7. I will not engage myself in any activities which may cause bad reputation to Navyayu Wellness Private Limited or any product & services provided by the company, on the contrary of which may result in termination of my registration.

8. I, as a Direct Seller of M/s Navyayu Wellness Private Limited, will present the products and sales & marketing system to all Direct Sellers in a very truthful and honest manner which has been approved by the company itself.

9. I shall not give any impression by introducing myself as employee or manager or representative of M/s Navyayu Wellness Private Limited nor use any technical word relating to this subject on their stationery or other printed matter.

10. I shall conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity, frankness & responsibility because I recognize that my conduct as a Direct Seller of M/s Navyayu Wellness Private Limited has effect considerably on the consumer ultimately.

11. I do hereby declare that I will not involve as Member/ Direct Seller or in any kind of promotion with any other Direct Selling company/ Sales Marketing and incase of any such event whatsoever, I undertake to duly inform the officials of Navyayu Wellness Pvt. Ltd. with due acceptance of termination of my Direct Seller agreement along with other consequences as per the Company policies.

12. I hereby undertake to duly inform the officials of the Company regarding my previously continuing work profile, if I am already engaged with any individual/ company/ organization as a job holder/ employee/ service provider with complete autonomy to M/s Navyayu Wellness Private Limited whether or not to appoint/ authorize me as a Direct Seller.